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Independent people working together

We celebrate the individual and their place in society—their perspectives, their values, and what they have to offer to their community. We believe people should have more say over their own lives, more freedom and more responsibility. If elected, I will focus on:

  • Strengthening our rural communities
  • Reducing red tape

Alberta deserves to be recognized for its contributions to this country. Together, we can claim the dignity Alberta is due as a source of wealth and innovation. Historically, the federal government has not recognized Alberta's contributions, so we will begin this road with policies focused on …

… More Alberta, Less Ottawa.

The best way to stop our wealth from being unfairly redistributed to the rest of the country is to prevent our finances from leaving the province in the first place. In our current condition, the federal government collects our taxes and then shares a portion back to us. We have no control over the amount we get back because we no longer hold it ourselves—which is why, during our economic downturn, we still transferred money to the other provinces like Quebec.

We demand the right to collect our own taxes, manage our own workers' insurance program and our own pension plan. Quebec does these things already, so why not us? Alberta could do these things but needs Ottawa's agreement first—which is unlikely without some tough bargaining since the federal government wants to control our wealth. But, to successfully negotiate this change with Ottawa we believe we need to leverage something they need—our place in Confederation. Otherwise, the federal government will ignore our requests as they always have.

For too long, rural Albertans have had to tolerate politicians who don't represent them. The big parties have dictated decisions from government to their constituents instead of giving a voice to the wishes of the people they represent. The movement for grassroots control has been growing for some time (in conjunction with western alienation) and in 2015, after the rampant corruption of the previous Tory governments, a change had to be made. The government was changed but the conservatives in our province failed to appreciate the true lesson of the accidental election of the NDP. It was not that the conservative vote was split, it was that it had not completed its transition away from big government elitism.

With the merger of the Wild Rose and the PCs it was hoped that we were finally going to have a chance to return to small, efficient, and responsive government which took its lead from the people, and not vice versa. However, after promising a party that took its lead from the party base, the newly formed UCP pivoted into a stance of elitist rule that disregarded the direction of its members.

As a party dedicated to grassroots accountability, the Freedom Conservatives will represent you to the government. It is the best way to give each constituency a voice and we stand by the right of a constituency to recall their MLAs—if they do not honour the commitments they made during a campaign then they should be held accountable.